Friday, June 29, 2007

Chapter Thirteen

New buildings are shooting up in Leeds, UK, like blades of grass during a hot humid summer. I shot this architectural detail, attracted to the abstract graphic qualities in the shapes.

Talking of building things, my dear friend and fellow photographer/writer, David Toyne has built a magnificent website which I can highly recommend for a visit. David has interviewed some of the leading lights in photography and his articles are interesting and informative.

There's lots to discover on this beautifully constructed site and while you're there you can even do some shopping. Before you ask. I don't get commission.

David and I have collaborated on projects in the past, sounds grand, but basically we've picked each others brains from time to time, as we each have different strengths. We're all set for future collaborations too and David is syndicating some of my writing for his site.

So what are you waiting for. Click here and start discovering...

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