Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Street Portraits

James and a friend in fancy dress for a 21st birthday party on the street in Bournemouth.

I'm working on a series of street portraits and thoroughly enjoying it. These two were part of a whole group and they were having great fun, a bit boisterous but certainly not being destructive or anything. However, when they tried to buy an ice-cream from a stall they were refused service.

I can't stand these small minded people who follow a strict policy, applying it to everyone without looking past clothing and style at the actual individual. Granted if you're dealing with real trouble makers you've got to put your foot down but if you can see that no harm is meant then why be a 'jobs worth' and totally inflexible?

The following day I went into a pub to enquire about the menu and was told to take my cap off. It surprised me. I certainly don't think that I look like a trouble maker. Well maybe I do look a bit dangerous LOL.

In my experience as a photographer dealing with very diverse people from captains of industry to gangsters people are people and the way you treat them and behave will in 99 per cent of the cases determine how they react toward you.

It certainly helps when you're doing street photography to have a feel for and ability to build relationships quickly.

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