Wednesday, June 07, 2006


I actually went out today without my camera. No, don't call an ambulance. It was quite refreshing to just enjoy looking and socialising without the pressure of having to 'get the shot'.

Sometimes we all need to take a break and remove the lens from between ourselves and reality to fully experience life.

It's a tough one for a passionate photographer but I suggest that it will refresh you to just sit and stare, listen, smell, touch and feel without thinking about light, perspective, composition and points of view.

Being a photographer gives one a greater appreciation of the beauty of the world and a more intense experience of reality. Ironically though the demands of making a perfect image channel the experience down into a small rectangle of light, which only comes back to life as an abstraction of reality in the form of the final image on screen or in print.

So to fully appreciate reality and the gift of a photographers perception we need to sometimes put down our cameras.

Go on give it a try.


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