Saturday, February 18, 2006

New exhibition

Old stately buildings reflect in the modern curved windows of the Bourse in Leeds.

This is one of the images you from my latest exhibition entitled Urban guerrilla monochrome. I tried to capture a certain mood in the city environment. The images are grouped so that the sum is greater than each individual image. I'm sure everyone will have their favourites but it's the overall feel that I want to communicate, kind of like standing in the street and taking a deep breath to suck in the atmosphere. I tried to be objective so the subjects are not meant to be extraordinarily beautiful nor dark and a negative.

My wife and fellow photographer, Magda, has put together a stunning exhibition of flowers taken in the studio. Dramatic lighting, strong colour and a black background add a sense of the theater and drama, giving the flowers personality, almost like actors on the stage.

Hope you enjoy the exhibition. Please leave a comment in our guestbook.

Cheers for now
Paul Indigo

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