Tuesday, May 10, 2005

For lovers of beautiful landscapes

Saltwick Bay on the Yorkshire Coast. An ethereal place at dawn with Black Nab rising from the waves.

Location: Saltwick Bay, near Whitby

Photographer: Keith Henson
(This picture is copyright of Keith Henson. Any form of reproduction is illegal without the prior written permission of the author)

Celebrating the beauty of the Northern England landscape

I can highly recommend a visit to this brand new website featuring the work of talented photographers Keith Henson and Andy Dippie. Both photographers have produced phenomenal imagery capturing the unique beauty of the landscape of the Northern British Isles.

Keith and Andy have their individual styles. As with all great photographers they show us the landscape filtered through their own unique artistic vision.

I can highly recommend a visit to their userfriendly web site. You can buy images online at very affordable prices. Now's the time to buy before these guys get too famous and galleries push their prices through the roof.

But even if you're not a fine art photography buyer the site is well worth a visit. It's a celebration of light, form, nature and beauty in landscape.

I really enjoy the creativity and diversity of the images on this site. Click here now to visit www.northscape.co.uk .

As always your feedback is welcome.

Paul Indigo
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