Sunday, March 20, 2005

Interesting websites

I've asked fellow ephotoziners to send me some of their favourite websites and have ended up with quite a few that I'm going to review.

The sites that I review will tend to feature other photographers creative efforts rather than being about equipment. However, if you're interested in all things to do with Canon then you may find Christian Rollinger's website of interest. (Thanks Barry)

Prompted by a forum thread I've had a thought about the way photographers are often forced by the apparent inability of different audiences (public, curators, art directors) to accept that a creative image maker can be expert in more than one type of photograhy.

I hate the idea of being forced into a particular box as a portrait, landscape, reportage or some other classification photographer. The key questions are how can you express yourself best, how do you see the world, what do you want to show others?

I've also found that when you do have a favourite area and you go away and photograph something completely different you learn something new that can be applied to your original area.

If you dig deeper you'll find that the great photographers created an enormous variety of images. Ansel Adams known for his wonderful landscapes also photographed graffiti for example.

It's always commercial pressure ie marketing that drives creatives down the route of having to 'sell' themselves as experts in one or other field. To deal with this I use different portfolios for different areas.

Of course there are those photographers who really are just interested in expressing themselves in one particular area.

Feel free to email your views to me.

Paul Indigo
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